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Mavora Lakes

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

If you're planning your next journey in the glorious South Island of New Zealand we highly recommend planning a trip into Mavora Lakes, both the South & North Mavora Lakes offer spectacular scenery as well as a dramatic change between the two lakes.

Here's a bit of snap of a map guide we used on our Garmin handheld GPS mainly to navigate our way to the huts, although well-maintained tracks and markers by DOC to a certain degree. We did find ourselves driving in the lake with a bit of uncertainty having never been in this way before (the lake was up quite high).

Driving into Mavora Lakes is a nice well-maintained gravel road, accessible by most vehicle types. We found South Mavora Lake to offer that west coast type scenery everyone knows and loves.

Venturing on you do end up in a bit a clearing around the North Lake with plenty of camp sites around to setup camp, or if your journey plans to carry on to the huts there is a well posted signs and regularly used track leading you North down the side of North Mavora Lake.

If you're fortunate to go at an appropriate time of the year, you shouldn't be wading water as such, like we found ourselves doing. This is probably where I should mention, know you and your vehicles capabilities and go prepared, and even more so if you're overlanding solo. Raw mobile phone footage and images below.

Venturing on we made it to Careys Hut which took around an hour. The hut is well maintained and offers a good place to stay for recreational activities on or around the lake. A few snaps and we were off to Boundary Hut.

The track up to Boundary Hut wasn't as bad as we were expecting, a few bogs required a little negotiating when approaching the hut, otherwise fairly do-able but would still recommend going in with another vehicle or having suitable recover gear on board for rain or wet conditions.


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For more information on Mavora Lakes, or both Careys and Boundary Hut visit:




Majority of the image content on this blog was captured on the move using a Samsung S9 Galaxy device.

- James Coulson

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